The band’s not on the wall … it’s in the cellar!

Hello everyone!

OK, so now that I know I have the hang of posting on here, it’s probably time to write something a bit more interesting, so here goes …

Had a fab time last weekend with a lovely trip to York and a band-invasion at home. So, the York trip was with my mum, my sister-in-law, Jayne and a couple of friends. The trip was a kind of post-hen trip for Jayne because before she and my brother, Chris got married in the summer she had her hen-weekend in Spain, but she decided she wanted to do something else, mainly for those of use who didn’t make it to Spain,  so we went to York on the train! We had a gorgeous time wandering around York (and its lovely pubs!). The Shambles is probably one of my favourite places to shop, and I spent a long and happy time in a lovely wool shop, where I could have spent a fortune but restricted myself to one ball of lovely chunky wool (King Cole) and a couple of patterns. I absolutely love knitting – having always been more of a sewing person (I just typed ‘sewer’ but surely that’s wrong!) I decided to try to get the hang of knitting around a year ago, mainly because I wanted something easily portable that I could take on the road with us when I go to Jon’s gigs or festivals (It was hard to fit my sewing machine and work table in the tent when we camp!) So having been mainly a fan of knitting clothes, I’ve recently decided that I need to do smaller, quicker projects to get my knitting ‘buzz’ while keeping up with the demands of being a trainee teacher (Which said I wasn’t going to discuss on here …!) Anyway … I’ll post a picture of whatever the new York ball of wool turns into as soon as it’s ‘born’.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my favourite button in my collection, it came from a shop in Sidmouth where we go every summer for my favourite music and dance festival …


Beautiful button!

Then, as to the band-invasion … a little explanation: Jon is a sound engineer and producer, as well as being a musician and instrument builder (Luthier – he builds stringed instruments) and the bottom floor of our house is a recording studio (as with many houses in the valley it’s built into the side of a hill, so our house has 3 floors at the back and 4 at the front – I love the quirky design of all the old houses round here.) So quite often we get gangs of musicians coming to stay to record albums or passing through on their way to gigs. This weekend our good friend Tom Kitching came to visit with his band to begin his new solo album. Tom is quite simply one of the best, most interesting musicians I know. He’s a fiddler and plays in a band with Jon, Pilgrims’ Way (see as well as doing a whole heap of other collaborative projects, but now he’s finally making a solo album. I absolutely can’t wait for it to be finished, and am so excited about the wonderful creativity going on in our cellar! So Tom and his band stayed for a few days – this included a Norwegian/Swedish mandola player who lives in Scotland, a Scottish flautist/clarinetist who lives in Northumberland, a fiddler from Macclesfield, a drummer who lives in Rochdale and a producer from the Fens. Great multicultural mayhem leading to some interesting conversations, such as where to buy the best fish and chips.

Anyway, must dash: Places to go, people to see … cats to feed.



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