I take my hat off to … !

Me up

Ok … so maybe two blogs in two days is setting the bar quite high, but I just had to share all this lovely wool-related goodness! Two hats have come my way in the last two days (hurrah!) … The purple one is mine, made from some chunky yarn that I bought from a great wool shop in Marsh, Huddersfield. I’ve been trying to think what to do with it since I bought it, and this beret-style hat is great fun to wear! The flower embellishment is my own addition and is made from a spare bit of beige yarn that I had in my stash. The button is one I acquired from my mother-in-law’s collection! This was just the perfect scale of project to be able to pick up and put down as and when I get a minute, which is exactly what I need at the moment. Maybe over the Christmas break I might get stuck into something more substantial …

The second hat arrived in the post today and is very very special … it’s made by our good friend Vicki Swan of Braintree, Essex. Vicki is a Nyckelharpa player by profession (a nyckelharpa is a sort-of cross between a fiddle and a Hurdy Gurdy – see the picture of Vicki with hers below), and had the great idea a while ago that when she needed to raise funds for a new instrument to make and sell these crocheted hats … hence they’re called Nyckel-Hats! This one was bought for me by Jon (as an ‘early Christmas present’ because I got home first and found the post!) so I now look forward to a winter with a nice warm head, knowing that we’ve helped Vicki a tiny little way towards her ‘harpa dreams!

If you want to find out more about Vicki, her partner (and performing partner) Jonny Dyer or want to find out what the flipping heck a Nyckelharpa is when it’s at home, have a look at their website: http://www.swan-dyer.co.uk/ … you could even purchase your very own Nyckel-Hat, just in time for Christmas!

Here's a pic of Vicki and her Harpa.

Here’s a pic of Vicki and her Harpa

Anyway … enough for now.

Wishing you a warm-headed weekend,

Gill x



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4 responses to “I take my hat off to … !

  1. Love the pics. you are definitely a hat person – hope you get lots more x

  2. Rachel Cullen

    Wow! Loving your blog Gill – keep your eyes peeled for my own personal ramblings in the New Year. Will be following your creations and beautiful photos with interest. Much love. Rx

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