Needles and Sticks

Here we are then!

Week 2 of my theme-blog. Here are some images I took yesterday when out on the hillside in the beautiful Ryburn valley. This weekend I’ve been out walking for the first time with my Nordic Poles and I have to say I have loved using them. They’re like trekking poles but the handles are different so I don’t find that you get as much impact on your hands and wrists. I’ve started using them primarily because some health issues mean I’m not able to run at the moment and am looking for exercise that doesn’t put too much impact on joints, but I also find that you use much more energy and get a more ‘thorough’ walking experience. In short, I LOVE THEM. Though it makes juggling the poles and my camera and tripod and other ‘gubbins’ quite an interesting experience!

Anyway – here are this week’s views:

And here are my knitting pictures for the week … not so much done for the blanket, as I finally received some yarn that I had ordered through the post in order to finish a neck-warmer that I was in the middle of. (Just in time, it’s getting cold round here!) So here are some blanket squares – I think they’re going to be mounted on plain arran squares to give them a bit of body. And the aforementioned neck-warmer. Incidentally I read on another blog recently about the idea of ‘ugly duckling’ and ‘swan’ yarns – being the idea that some yarn can look beautiful while in a ball, but not so magnificent when knitted up, and vice versa. Well I personally think this yarn looks beautiful in both forms. I’d heartily recommend you have a look at this blog yourself- there’s some lovely work there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hard to get the pictures to do the wool justice. In fact, photographing knitting is becoming a hobby of mine in itself! I’ve been playing with 2 DSLR cameras this week and it’s been very, very satisfying! A great study for texture and colour! Hopefully you’ll see improvements in my editing skills in the coming weeks and months – I’m having a lot of fun with it!

So, that’s all for now! Not sure how much production there’ll be in the next week on the knitting front, now that the blissful holidays are over, but we’ll see how we go.

All the best for now.


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  1. Oh my goodness, thank you! You are so kind to mention my blog. I’m planning to return the favour, because I love the idea of a blog that celebrates everything that is beautiful and lovely and joyful, and I love the pictures and reflections in this blog. Stunning photography in this post, by the way.

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