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Wanderings …






Happy days! Thanks for visiting!



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Happy Snapping!

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Some photo art I’ve been working on in the last few days, trying out a range of editing software.

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So FINALLY I get around to posting a picture of my latest crafting obsession. It’s a BUNNY! It’s from a pattern I found on another blog – Little Cotton Rabbits, which is about knitting and autism, and therefore right up my street! It’s one of many, many really lovely patterns, and I love the fact that his clothes are inter-changeable, so I foresee a full wardrobe, possibly with seasonal variations on the horizon! I’m already in the process of making more, and have been asked to make some commissions, though these bunnies are going to be presents, so can’t really be posted on here until their recipients have seen them.

Anyway … Dum dum DUUUUUMM (Drum-roll if you please!)

ImageIsn’t he great! I’d seriously recommend a visit to Little Cotton Rabbits blog. So much to see!

Anyway – that’s all for now. It’s half-term so more time for crafting, but also some interesting trips planned with lots of photography opportunities so WATCH THIS SPACE!

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Linden Lea

Listening to ‘Linden Lea’ right now. A song collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams in his forays into traditional music. Don’t want to post a version on here, because there have been so many good ones. Go and find one you like!

So lovely though … can’t help but feel that life will be alright, as long as melodies like that exist. 

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Looking Forward!


So … Here I am, once again the band-widow, waiting for the boy to get home in the wee small hours, and I’m thinking ahead to the summer! I’m so looking forward to getting on the road for festival season! My new commitments this academic year have made life much less ‘itinerant’ than I’ve got used to as I’ve previously been fairly free to go travelling with Jon. Festivals are the best though … Pretty much summed up in the photo above – mobile knitting, camping, wine out of tankards, fire pits and lots and lots and lots of music! Can’t wait!!!

Crafting is ongoing and I promise I’ll post more pictures when I have time! Just wanted to share my ‘looking-forward’ thoughts now though, as they definitely belong in my Happy Place!

Hope you’re all happy, and thanks for visiting!

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Spring is springing (…maybe!)


So, I’ve been absent from the Blogasphere for the last couple of weeks as a conspiracy of illness and much, much too much work have meant that not only have I  had no time to blog, but I haven’t really had any opportunity to do anything to blog about!

Anyway, I think things may be turning a corner, and I’ve had a lovely weekend including some rest, relaxation, fresh air and KNITTING! I’m not going to share the knitting with you yet, as I’ve begun a (very, very cute!) project but in its unfinished state it looks a bit freaky – so I’ll share that when it’s finished.

In the meantime, I’ve been out and about with my family today, so here are some images from a walk around Hardcastle Crags near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Hardcastle Crags are woodlands maintained by the National Trust, and the building you can see is Gibson Mill, a water-driven mill dating from around 1800, and one of the first of the Industrial Revolution.

And …

The light was wonderful today, and there was so much lovely green around. Daffodils on their way through as well! Makes me feel hopeful! Especially as we’re off to Keswick in Cumbria for a few days quite soon!

Hope all is well with you – thanks for visiting 🙂


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