Spring is springing (…maybe!)


So, I’ve been absent from the Blogasphere for the last couple of weeks as a conspiracy of illness and much, much too much work have meant that not only have I  had no time to blog, but I haven’t really had any opportunity to do anything to blog about!

Anyway, I think things may be turning a corner, and I’ve had a lovely weekend including some rest, relaxation, fresh air and KNITTING! I’m not going to share the knitting with you yet, as I’ve begun a (very, very cute!) project but in its unfinished state it looks a bit freaky – so I’ll share that when it’s finished.

In the meantime, I’ve been out and about with my family today, so here are some images from a walk around Hardcastle Crags near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Hardcastle Crags are woodlands maintained by the National Trust, and the building you can see is Gibson Mill, a water-driven mill dating from around 1800, and one of the first of the Industrial Revolution.

And …

The light was wonderful today, and there was so much lovely green around. Daffodils on their way through as well! Makes me feel hopeful! Especially as we’re off to Keswick in Cumbria for a few days quite soon!

Hope all is well with you – thanks for visiting 🙂



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6 responses to “Spring is springing (…maybe!)

  1. spanishjanet

    Hope the recovery continues, keep smiling. Loving the photos.

  2. Beautiful images, especially of the water. I can’t wait to see your knitting. Hope you’re on the mend?

    • The knitting is indeed very exciting. Though sadly no progress tonight as I’ve been down the pub playing tunes. ‘Twas life-affirming though! Illness has been a cluster of migraines, so hopefully they’re over with! Thanks as ever for your lovely comments. The rainbow is ace by the way. I started off with crochet and you’re making me want to revisit it … So many projects, so little time!

  3. annie

    Love that water photo!!! It would look fabulous on my craft room wall. 😉 But I hope that it was not a photo of flooding your home! 😮

  4. I love those photos – my first thought on seeing the water one was “ooh, imagine that on a rug!” (I do latch hook rugs and design my own). I’m sure it would make a fabulous knitting design too – I can imagine it as a jumper or cardigan!

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