Looking Forward!


So … Here I am, once again the band-widow, waiting for the boy to get home in the wee small hours, and I’m thinking ahead to the summer! I’m so looking forward to getting on the road for festival season! My new commitments this academic year have made life much less ‘itinerant’ than I’ve got used to as I’ve previously been fairly free to go travelling with Jon. Festivals are the best though … Pretty much summed up in the photo above – mobile knitting, camping, wine out of tankards, fire pits and lots and lots and lots of music! Can’t wait!!!

Crafting is ongoing and I promise I’ll post more pictures when I have time! Just wanted to share my ‘looking-forward’ thoughts now though, as they definitely belong in my Happy Place!

Hope you’re all happy, and thanks for visiting!


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One response to “Looking Forward!

  1. Sounds like bliss. And I’m looking forward to seeing your yarny photos..

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