So FINALLY I get around to posting a picture of my latest crafting obsession. It’s a BUNNY! It’s from a pattern I found on another blog – Little Cotton Rabbits, which is about knitting and autism, and therefore right up my street! It’s one of many, many really lovely patterns, and I love the fact that his clothes are inter-changeable, so I foresee a full wardrobe, possibly with seasonal variations on the horizon! I’m already in the process of making more, and have been asked to make some commissions, though these bunnies are going to be presents, so can’t really be posted on here until their recipients have seen them.

Anyway … Dum dum DUUUUUMM (Drum-roll if you please!)

ImageIsn’t he great! I’d seriously recommend a visit to Little Cotton Rabbits blog. So much to see!

Anyway – that’s all for now. It’s half-term so more time for crafting, but also some interesting trips planned with lots of photography opportunities so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Thanks for visiting!



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2 responses to “Bunny!

  1. Oh, he’s beautiful! (And I love that blog, too. Her photography is stunning, as well as her knitting.)

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