Ok, so 2 posts in a day may be a tad excessive, but I’ve been messing around with photography again, specifically testing out HDR on my beautiful concertina.

Can’t help but take the opportunity for a bit of Tina-Geekery though … so if this isn’t your thing, skip to the Pickies!

For those who don’t know (but would like to) this instrument is an English Concertina. It is a chromatic ‘squeezebox’ with the same pitch range as a fiddle. It was invented in 1830 (ish) by Charles Wheatstone. The one pictured here is my favourite of my concertinas and is the one I usually play. (It had a particularly enjoyable night out last night, playing in a session in Manchester!) It dates from approximately 1906, though as it is a Lachenal make it is not possible to date it precisely. Louis Lachenal was originally Wheatstone’s foreman, but set up his own business making concertinas. The reason why his instruments can’t be dated is because of a fire in the factory that destroyed the archives.

This particular instrument was made for the Salvation Army who, around the time the instrument was made, had concertina bands as well as brass bands. This instrument came from my father-in-law’s Citadel in Doncaster. It is a ‘New Model’ with rosewood ends (which is quite unusual) and has steel reeds and domed metal buttons. It is a thing of beauty and makes a fabulous sound!

A fairly accurate representation!

A fairly accurate representation!

And some silliness!

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2 responses to “Concertina!

  1. You have a concertina? You have a real concertina? I am truly in awe. I want to hear you play! And am I allowed to mention my love of your photography for the eleventy billionth time?

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