Seasonal Musings and Some Amazing News!


Much going on at the moment … I’ve been a tour widow for the last couple of weeks as the boy has been off in Germany and now in South Wales and Devon. The irony being that I booked this tour for him last year, to include all my favourite places to visit and loveliest folk clubs because, as I’ve mentioned on here before, I love going travelling with the boy, only to find that I’ve been so busy with other commitments that I’ve not been able to go with him. So it’s been Skype and phones all the way for quite a while, which is no mean feat when I’m working all day and he’s working at night. I’m just keeping myself going thinking about all the lovely travelling we have planned for the summer! Roll on summer!

In the meantime – Spring is making its presence felt. It has been commented on by The Twisted Yarn that there are many daffodils around on blogs at the moment, so I thought I’d add my contribution:



I just have to make one other comment on here, and it’s a bit away from the usual types of things I post about. As you’ll know if you’ve had a look at my homepage, this is my ‘happy place’ where I post nice things, but this is a different kind of ‘good’. You see today, the Department of Health in the UK has agreed that a vaccine against Group B Meningitis should become part of the routine childhood immunisation schedule. This is really, really mega news and I just feel I have to record it here.

In early 2003 we lost my eldest nephew, Luke to Group B Meningococcal Meningitis and septicaemia at the age of 7 months, and since then my family has done lots of fundraising and other things to support meningitis charities and try to raise awareness. I can remember thinking at the time how I would feel when they announced that a useable vaccine had been discovered. At the time it seemed so far off, as then research was ongoing, but there was no vaccine. Since then the vaccine has been discovered and trialled, but in recent time has only been available privately, as initial reports suggested that it was not ‘cost effective’ to be made available as a matter of routine. However today, following much campaigning on the part of some amazing charities, we hear that babies will routinely be immunised against this horrible, horrible disease. This really is the very best of news, and needs to be recorded in my ‘happy place’. You can read more about the vaccine and today’s announcement here.

Anyway, not a usual blog – but it kept up the ‘happy’ theme and it did include a photo!

Happy weekend and thanks as ever for visiting!



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2 responses to “Seasonal Musings and Some Amazing News!

  1. Yes, the vaccine is wonderful news – for once, the UK will be at the forefront of vaccinating against something. But I’m very sorry to hear that you lost your little nephew to such a hideous, scary illness. If only the vaccine had been available then.

  2. And I love, love, love, your funky daffodil!

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