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Blackwork Update #2

Thought I might show how this is progressing, as it’s a long project, so necessary to wait quite a while for the final “Reveal”…

So here we are – I’m getting into the groove now!


That row of decoration along the top is a lot more intricate than it looks!



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Hello everyone,

Ever noticed how being ‘on holiday’ can be so flipping busy??? I really love summer, but there can be times when our sort-of itinerant lifestyle can get a bit hectic!

Last weekend took us to my favourite festival of the year: Gower Folk Festival. We’ve been really lucky in that the boy has been booked to play there for the last few years and we’ve had the chance to enjoy this magnificent festival in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. In previous years, other gigs on the same weekend have meant that we have only been able to enjoy part of the festival, but this year we had an entire free weekend, so were able to enjoy the whole thing.

I took a LOT of photos, and have been editing periodically all week (in and among other travels and adventures!). So here are some of my favourites:

We got there in the late afternoon, after fun and games on the M4, in time for sound check, and then for the boy to do his thing in the evening. They were playing for the evening Bal (like a ceilidh, but French), so there was lots of dancing and I was too distracted to take too many pictures – also, I have hundreds of these already! But here’s a couple of him doing his thing:

The first image shows him drinking out of his quart pot, while looking like he might be about to play his Hurdy Gurdy (the true instrument of rock and roll) and in the second he is playing the cittern that he built for himself.

We also got to spend the weekend with some of our lovely friends from around the country, and it was a pleasure to watch them doing their thing!

This is a particularly beautiful image of my lovely friend, Nancy, during a duo set with her husband, James:

Nancy 1

And our friends, Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer:

Vicky Nyckelharpa 1 Vicky Smallpipes 1

Jonny Sazouki

Vicki is playing her Nyckelharpa and her Scottish Smallpipes, and Jonny is playing a Sazouki (a hybrid of a Turkish/Iranian Saz and a Greek Bouzouki) that was made by Colin Kendall, our friend in Bury, Lancashire, who taught Jon lutherie (instrument making). I’ve mentioned Vicki on here before, in a post about hats, as she crochets hats (called Nyckelhats) and sells them to fund her new instruments: Music and crafting in harmony!!

Another brilliant part of festivals is getting the chance to see friends that we don’t otherwise see. Our friend Charlotte Goodwin, who lives in Cardiff, was there and it’s great to talk craft with Charlotte, because as well as being a great fiddle player, she makes the most beautiful things! Here is a bag that she made (from TIES!) and a cover for her fiddle case that she’s crocheting (the yellow tacking stitches are not permanent!)

Charlotte Fiddle Case

Charlotte Bag

We had a lovely time, and as ever, it was sad to leave.

Gower Moon

Love, and happy Solstice to everyone!

Thanks for visiting!


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The Logical Fallacy of Person First Language

I do say that I try not to write about topics such as autism on my blog, as that is not its purpose for me … but I have no problem in sharing the ideas of others where I think they should be shared! Enjoy 🙂

The Logical Fallacy of Person First Language.

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Crafting Update

Ok, so all the mega-work recently has put a fair dent in my crafting output, however … I have started a very sweet piece of embroidered blackwork recently, and now that I have begun my holidays I’m hoping it’ll start to grow a bit more quickly. It’s a gorgeous ‘vintage’ style sampler.

Here is the bit I’ve done so far, mostly in Scotland the week before last …


Happy Tuesday, and thanks for visiting x


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Aviemore and Boat of Garten


Hello World!

The lack of blogging recently has been indicative of the size of the workload I’ve been dealing with recently. Anyway, as of this morning that is all FINISHED, and I’m now on HOLIDAY until I start my PhD in September. I still have my University tutees, whom I’m supporting through their double projects in various aspects of Autism Studies, and I have a bit of consultancy and an academic writing job to do over the summer – but all of this can be done from anywhere with an internet connection and I have lots of exciting travelling planned.

Actually, the travelling began last week, as the husband, the lovely friends (the workload) and I escaped to the Scottish Highlands for a week, prior to a gig with the band in Edinburgh on Friday night. We had the best time, and as we’re all photography-geeks, lots of photos were taken! Here are some of my favourites:

There were my favourite people …


In a Cottage

Park Bench

Some beautiful scenery …

Tree of Doom

Scary thunderstorms in the Cairngorms!

There was lots of lovely food and drink!

And we organised a great session in The Old Bridge Inn, in Aviemore on the Monday night. This was a lovely irony, because had we not been in Scotland, it is very likely that we would have been at our regular session, at The Old Bridge Inn, in our village, which is also on a Monday night!

The Blurry image is Jon playing his Hurdy Gurdy – I love how it expresses the energy in his playing!

We had a really great time, and then rounded off the week with a gig at the lovely BAMFest in Bedale – a great festival, well worth a visit next year! Now I’m waiting for J to get back from this weekend’s festival in Nottinghamshire … Summer is really here!

Have a great week, and thanks for visiting!

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