Aviemore and Boat of Garten


Hello World!

The lack of blogging recently has been indicative of the size of the workload I’ve been dealing with recently. Anyway, as of this morning that is all FINISHED, and I’m now on HOLIDAY until I start my PhD in September. I still have my University tutees, whom I’m supporting through their double projects in various aspects of Autism Studies, and I have a bit of consultancy and an academic writing job to do over the summer – but all of this can be done from anywhere with an internet connection and I have lots of exciting travelling planned.

Actually, the travelling began last week, as the husband, the lovely friends (the workload) and I escaped to the Scottish Highlands for a week, prior to a gig with the band in Edinburgh on Friday night. We had the best time, and as we’re all photography-geeks, lots of photos were taken! Here are some of my favourites:

There were my favourite people …


In a Cottage

Park Bench

Some beautiful scenery …

Tree of Doom

Scary thunderstorms in the Cairngorms!

There was lots of lovely food and drink!

And we organised a great session in The Old Bridge Inn, in Aviemore on the Monday night. This was a lovely irony, because had we not been in Scotland, it is very likely that we would have been at our regular session, at The Old Bridge Inn, in our village, which is also on a Monday night!

The Blurry image is Jon playing his Hurdy Gurdy – I love how it expresses the energy in his playing!

We had a really great time, and then rounded off the week with a gig at the lovely BAMFest in Bedale – a great festival, well worth a visit next year! Now I’m waiting for J to get back from this weekend’s festival in Nottinghamshire … Summer is really here!

Have a great week, and thanks for visiting!


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