Crafting Update

Ok, so all the mega-work recently has put a fair dent in my crafting output, however … I have started a very sweet piece of embroidered blackwork recently, and now that I have begun my holidays I’m hoping it’ll start to grow a bit more quickly. It’s a gorgeous ‘vintage’ style sampler.

Here is the bit I’ve done so far, mostly in Scotland the week before last …


Happy Tuesday, and thanks for visiting x



Filed under Crafting, Embroidery, Photography

4 responses to “Crafting Update

  1. And rather gorgeous it’s looking already.
    (By the way, I really must pick your brains about cameras some time, if that’s OK? Not that I’ll ever match your photographic skill.)

  2. beautiful! when I’ve finished my current obsession with crochet, I’m going have to start a sampler- last sister in the family is getting married in August-hence the Irish crochet poncho/stole I’m blogging about 😉 I was thinking of hardanger but you’ve inspired me- I think it’ll have to be blackwork 🙂

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