Greenclogs Returns …

Hi there people!

So, you may have noticed that I have been conspicuous by my absence in the blogosphere for the last … erm … months? … Years? I wish I could say this is because I’ve been doing something dreadfully exciting like circumnavigating the globe in a shoe, or finding a cure for the common cold in the bottom of a teacup, but alas, nothing so exciting. I’ve been living life, working, teaching, writing, knitting but I haven’t felt too inclined to write about it so the blog has taken a back seat.

However… I recently became aware that one of the things I haven’t done much of for a while is photography. This became tricky as upgrading my laptop meant quite a bit of rejigging of editing software, but as we’re all back and running now I’m keen to get out and about again, and I find the best way to do that is by blogging about it too, so here we are!

This week’s offerings are a little predictable …

Ryburn Valley Winter 2016

Portrait View1

It snowed last weekend! So what can you do, but get out and take pictures?

Perhaps not so much fun if you’re a sheep though …


This one did, however, seem to be coping admirably!

Also, I couldn’t relaunch the blog without featuring any yarn-based escapades, could I?

So here, for your delectation and delight are a couple of sneaky peeks at my latest project in wonderful Fair Isle. I love stranded knitting – it’s like painting with yarn! More on this in future posts. (N.B. These pictures were taken on my Samsung phone and edited using Instagram – am far to engrossed in knitting the beggar currently to begin photographing it properly too!)

Sweater 2 Sweater 1

I think it’s coming on quite well. The pattern is from this book …

Big Book of Knitting

… which I was lucky enough to get for Christmas.

Anyway, these ramblings should be enough to be going on with, to facilitate the reintroduction of the blog to the wild. More to follow soon, including exciting developments in my woolly endeavours.

Have fun, and thanks for visiting.


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