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Blogs of Much Loveliness.

My lovely blogging friend The Twisted Yarn has compiled this fabulous digest of her favourite blogs. I thought I’d reblog it because many of the blogs she features are thematically similar to mine, and are sure to be of interest to you guys! (And she featured my blog and some of my photographs *Blush*)

Happy days one and all …

Blogs of Much Loveliness..


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Summer Update and KITTENS.

Hi there Blogasphere!

It’s been ages since my last blog, as I’ve given myself a little summer break, so here is a MEGA POST with updates of various summer happenings …

I’ve been having a lovely summer, enjoying the Tour de France, which came right past our house! We had a great street party and featured in the local paper.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The whole event was brilliant – from the ‘caravan’ of sponsors that came through the village ahead of the Pelaton (including Fruit Shoots! How could they see to steer those things?), to the sense of camaraderie between those of us who live here and those who were visiting. It was so well organised and really brought out the best in everyone. You may notice an absence of photographs of any actual cyclists – truth is, they were just too darn quick! None of my frantic clicking turned into anything worth sharing!

We’ve also done our usual bit of travelling, including Sidmouth Folk Week where we had a great time, seeing all the gang from around the country whom we often only see that week of the year, and celebrating the life of our friend and Sidmouth stalwart Ralphie Jordan, who passed away in December. It was also lovely to spend time with our collective parents who came down on holiday too.


This is a picture of my parents’ Parson Russell puppy, Alfie. I didn’t take too many photos at Sidmouth, as we were generally busy playing, but it was Alfie’s first festival, and he was really very well behaved, so I thought he deserved a mention.

Further good news was the marriage of my friend, Heather on August 1st (Yorkshire Day). This gets a mention on here because it was a very joyful occasion, but also because of the crafty nature of our gift to her and her husband, Dave. As I have mentioned on here before, the boy indoors is a musician and sound engineer, so what were we going to do for a gift but record the music of the service for them and present them with their own CD?! This was particularly relevant as Heather is a music teacher, and the music for the service was written and arranged for her by two of her ex-students. But … what is the crafty knitter going to do for her contribution to this gift? … Well, I’ll tell you what … she’s going to make a cover for the CD sleeve out of … wait for it … knitted blanket squares! Here you go … retro-funky, no?

The square patterns were from a lovely book called ‘Blankets and Throws to Knit: Patterns and Piecing Instructions for 100 Knitted Squares’ by Debbie Abrahams (published by C & B Crafts). It’s a great book but my blanket making always gets overtaken by other projects, so I average a few squares a year. I may manage to complete a blanket at some point in my lifetime. I live in hope.

Speaking of other projects … Behold, the sparkly purple top of anarchic lace (well the back thereof), my first experiment with freestyle lace knitting! It’s great fun and so refreshingly stress-free as you can’t go wrong!



In addition to some crafting this summer (more reveals to come in the next weeks and months!) there has been much growing and preparing of one of my major passions in life … FOOD! Here are some ‘arty’ photos of some green peppers I grew!

Anyway … Now for the big news! Time to introduce you to the latest additions to our family: William and Theodore (Bill and Ted).








They are great, and are keeping us very busy!

A little bit of social media news before I say goodbye for now …

Firstly, for those readers who also use Facebook, I have set up a group on there called ‘Daily Positives’ where people record and share the positive things that happen in their daily lives. I did this to provide a counter balance for all the tragic things that appear in Newsfeeds, and it’s proving to be quite popular, so if you fancy a look we’d love to share our good news with you on there!

Secondly, William the kitten has taken to Twitter (!!) so if you fancy following him and keeping up to date with his and Theodore’s antics and life in the Madhouse, you’ll find him at @williamthecatt. He’d love to see you on there!

Anyway, enough daft ramblings for now … time to do some proper work – or maybe a cup of tea and a bit of knitting …

All the very best of loveliness and thanks for reading.

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Blackwork Update #2

Thought I might show how this is progressing, as it’s a long project, so necessary to wait quite a while for the final “Reveal”…

So here we are – I’m getting into the groove now!


That row of decoration along the top is a lot more intricate than it looks!


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The Logical Fallacy of Person First Language

I do say that I try not to write about topics such as autism on my blog, as that is not its purpose for me … but I have no problem in sharing the ideas of others where I think they should be shared! Enjoy 🙂

The Logical Fallacy of Person First Language.

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To boldly go …


Today I reclaim my craft room and cutting table from all the crap and cats that have accrued there while I wasn’t looking … Wish me luck. I may be gone some time.

Update …

Lilly has been helping (!!)



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Wanderings …






Happy days! Thanks for visiting!


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So FINALLY I get around to posting a picture of my latest crafting obsession. It’s a BUNNY! It’s from a pattern I found on another blog – Little Cotton Rabbits, which is about knitting and autism, and therefore right up my street! It’s one of many, many really lovely patterns, and I love the fact that his clothes are inter-changeable, so I foresee a full wardrobe, possibly with seasonal variations on the horizon! I’m already in the process of making more, and have been asked to make some commissions, though these bunnies are going to be presents, so can’t really be posted on here until their recipients have seen them.

Anyway … Dum dum DUUUUUMM (Drum-roll if you please!)

ImageIsn’t he great! I’d seriously recommend a visit to Little Cotton Rabbits blog. So much to see!

Anyway – that’s all for now. It’s half-term so more time for crafting, but also some interesting trips planned with lots of photography opportunities so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Thanks for visiting!


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Linden Lea

Listening to ‘Linden Lea’ right now. A song collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams in his forays into traditional music. Don’t want to post a version on here, because there have been so many good ones. Go and find one you like!

So lovely though … can’t help but feel that life will be alright, as long as melodies like that exist. 

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Knitted blog header

Knitted blog header.

You’ve gotta see this! Stunning work!

And providing me with a lovely vicarious knitting fix as I’m sitting at my desk all weekend working, with no time to pick up my own knitting!

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