Hello and welcome to my blog!

Here I like to discuss the things in life that make me happy, so basically the 4 C’s: Clogs, Cats, Concertinas and crafting … I also like chocolate and cake so that’s 6, but that seems a bit extravagant, so I’m going to stick with my 4 and allow myself to wander down other avenues of thought when I wish.

Other important letters are: ‘J’ – my amazing husband, Jon; ‘L’ and ‘M’ for Lilly and Minouche, the aforementioned furry housemates: and ‘R’ for Ripponden in the Ryburn valley – the gorgeous village where we’re lucky enough to live.

What I probably won’t discuss too much here are some of the other issues in my life, so you won’t get to read about the joys of being a trainee teacher, or too much about autism (there are some great blogs about autism, and I do write a lot on the subject in other areas) but this is my ‘happy place’ and is intended to be an escape from some of the more serious or intense aspects of life. For that reason too, you won’t read too much about my views on politics, animal rights or vegetarianism. All very important, but not very cuddly or fluffy, so therefore to be discussed elsewhere.

Hope you enjoy reading this, please feel free to leave comments!


4 responses to “Home

  1. Dave eckersley

    Up and running Gilly- nice one! All the best
    Any other folk blogs worth reading?

  2. I like the idea of this blog being your happy place. My blog is my happy place as well, mostly written by my dog, Millie!

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