Sweet Sunshine and Lovely Nancy

Now then … Hope you’re enjoying the spring light as I am! It’s been beautiful around here today, including the most perfect ‘Golden Hour’ where I had to get out with my camera. Recently, hanging yellow bikes of various sizes have been appearing all over our village. This is to mark the fact that in just a matter of weeks, the Tour de France is going to be travelling through the village (passing the end of our little terrace.) These yellow bikes are in such lovely places, and I’m sure this isn’t going to be the only photo I manage. Apart from anything, there’s a life-size one on top of the pub, and it, along with the chimneys is just dying to be an HDR perspective shot. Just as soon as I can figure out how to get high up enough in the right place without actually becoming Spider-Man.

Anyway … To be going on with –


On an unrelated topic – my lovely mate Nancy Kerr has started a blog about her music and songwriting, and about traditional and folk music more widely. Nancy is an award-winning singer and fiddler and what she has to say is definitely worth a read. You can find her lovely musings here.

Love and peas, and thanks for visiting.



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2 responses to “Sweet Sunshine and Lovely Nancy

  1. stitchesoftime

    What a lovely idea! Are the bikes going to stay or are they just for the duration of the tour?

    • Don’t know whether they’ll stay but I found out from a friend who teaches at Rishworth School that it’s their DT teacher who is making them. He’s making cuff links and earrings too apparently. I’m really fancying one of the bikes to hang in our kitchen!!

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